Wells Township Haunted House…Your Guided Tour through Bloody History

Wells Township

Haunted houses with complex and detailed fictional concepts can be truly terrifying. When a haunt is truly steeped in blood and filled with actual spirits, however, there is a feeling that permeates the area. Victims approaching the haunt know once they step through the doors they are the mercy of the totally unknown. This is something we just can’t get enough of. Wells Township Haunted House brings this intense creepiness with a haunted history that stretches back over a century. Movie monsters creep through the outdoor waiting area, catching unsuspecting victims by surprise while they enjoy the music of live bands.

Located just outside of Pittsburg, Wells Township was the ideal spot to build a warehouse and transportation depot in 1836. 30 years later it was the ideal place to store the hundreds of bodies that racked up during the Civil War. The bodies were gathered from surrounding battle fields and laid in the building to await the barge or train that would transport them home. Thousands of fallen soldiers were temporarily kept in the building. Even years after the war ended the building was used to house bodies. One was a thief found dead and nearly frozen on the train tracks. He was strung up by the rafters in the building and left for two days until he could be buried. When the time came he was interred in a shipping crate. It is said that Civil War spirits are among the most restless in this world. Soldiers roam, confused, angry, and sad, somewhere between the battle field where they fell and the world beyond. At Wells Township Haunted House you are welcomed inside and guided through the house. In each of its crumbling rooms you will hear the sordid history of the building and fall victim to the Old School haunts that await you. Be forewarned…this is an interactive haunt. You are not just meandering through on your own, or even running in blind terror however you can. You will be lead through the haunt where you will come in close personal contact with monsters and creepers who are ready to make you a part of the show.

Interactive haunts are relatively new, but we think they add a truly terrifying layer to haunted houses. This victim’s choice haunt is particularly frightening because of its bloody history. Dedicated actors, unique entertainment, and the group guides push it over the edge.