Corpse under the bedImagine after a long days travel sinking into your motel bed and smelling something foul. Would you investigate or just try to sleep through the stench? After reading this, I can almost guarantee your answer will be to investigate the odor.

In 1991 stories began to ooze through the newspapers and by word of mouth of individuals who would rent a hotel room for the night and have a disturbing night trying to sleep due to a foul stench in the room. What was this foul stench? A dead body of course! These types of stories pop-up every so often and are chalked up to being just another urban legend. However, this story actually happened, several times.

One of the more recent “bodies under the bed” stories occurred in 2003 when a man checked into a hotel east of downtown Kansas City. The man complained to management about a stench for three days. Hotel management told him there was nothing they could do about it. The man eventually checked out because of the stench. When housekeeping came to the room after the guest’s departure, a corpse was underneath the mattress and in a severe state of decomposition. The next time you check into a hotel room will you check under the bed just to make sure there are no bodies lurking or will you ignore the notion and pray you’re safe and sound?