Trail of Fear…The Experiment Awaits

Trail of Fear

Scream parks are the hot trend in entertaining terror. These haunts let you visit several haunted houses in the same area for the maximum mind-bending horror packed into your evening. The Trail of Fear took the idea of a scream park and blended it with the time-honored concept of a haunted trail. Rather than just walking your way through dark woods and waiting for creepers and monsters to jump out at you at each turn, you are finding your way down a trail where several haunts await you. Victims are invited to brave the trail and meet with the chilling inhabitants of the individual haunted houses they stumble upon along the way.


Trail of Fear features six separate areas for you to enjoy. We have to give some respect to the Pumpkin Junction, which offers free, non-scary Halloween fun for the little ones that come along for the evening. While their parents experience their worst nightmares, the children have the chance to trick-or-treat, do crafts, or roam through the Tunnel of Light. When the young ones are safely tucked away in Pumpkin Junction, it’s time to venture down the Trail. Tour a series of excavation sites, buildings, and trails that were once used by the disturbed Dr. Michael Kultra and his team who utilized horrific surgical practices and mysterious archaeological discoveries. Escape the doctor and find yourself in Voodoo Bayou where a tormented family, the Voodoo Witch and her pet, the shape-shifting Loupe Garou, hunt you down. If you get out of the Bayou alive, take a break at the Cirque de Morte. A circus is all about fun, right? You may not have the same idea anymore once you have visited this 3D debacle of a circus. Don’t let yourself get sucked into the show as you try to get through the maze. The final two attractions, Lord Bennington’s Unusual Experiment and the Haunted Midway offer a more fun environment, including souvenir shops and an unusual spot where you can get your own coffin built for you.


Victims get drawn into a true nightmare at the Trail of Fear. More than just haunted houses, these attractions are fueled by Hollywood-quality special effects, dedicated actors, and detailed storylines that bring the horror to life. We love that there is a special space just for the little ones where they are protected from the blood and torment that awaits the older crowd.