Billed as the Victim’s Choice for America’s Best Haunted Houses, the list is compiled each year by, an online directory of haunted attractions where patrons vote each year for their all-time favorite scare fests.

Out of some 1200 haunted houses throughout the nation, Thrillvania Haunted House Park’s world famous Verdun Manor makes the “Must See” list for 2013. A true haunted house in every sense of the word, Verdun Manor is the central attraction of Thrillvania’s massive Haunted House park, an 8000 square foot decaying mansion with a “dying room” in place of a living room, where rotting décor meets animated skeletal remains and werewolves, vampires and human experiments gone awry lurk around every corner.

No statuettes come with this award, no goody bag and no tangible prize to speak of besides bragging rights, but in the ghoul-eat-ghoul world of haunted attraction cut-throat competition there’s no better broomstick against which to measure success. To find out what America’s buzzing about, gather your courage and head out to Thrillvania in Terrell, Texas!

Congratulations to Thrillvania Haunted House Park…The Victim’s Choice for one of the “Top 31 Haunted Houses in America” at