Just under an hour’s drive north from Boston, situated in the spooky old haunted woods of New Hampshire along the banks of the Merrimack River, you’ll find a deliciously chilling adventure called Nightmare New England, number 24 in HauntedHouseRatings.com’s list of scariest attractions for 2012.At the entrance to the attraction is the “Monster Midway,” a sort of carnival environment of concession stands, souvenir shops, photo opportunities and spooky games like Zombie Paintball. You can also enjoy a tasty meal at the restaurant or fortify yourself with cocktails at three different bars to calm your nerves in preparation for the terrifying night ahead.The Midway also boasts a go-kart track and two themed 18-hole mini golf courses, open year round as part of Mel’s Funway Park. Come early and spend the afternoon before heading on to the haunted attractions. Be careful when the sun goes down, however – the Midway is infested with freaks, monsters and zombies lurking behind every corner, just waiting for you to let down your guard!Leaving the Midway, visit six different deviously themed haunted playgrounds in whichever order you dare, horrific haunts with names like the Colony, the Catacombs, Torment, Willow’s Asylum, House of Eternal Darkness, and Freak Show in 3D, situated in the dark New England woods, sort of reminiscent of the Blair Witch Project…The whole attraction is situated out in the great outdoors, and the gloomy, sinister countryside is a central character in this twisted trail of terror. It’s 40 acres of frightful excitement for the whole family, ages 2 to 92. The attraction is open rain or shine, and free ponchos are provided. Ticket booths open at 6:00 pm, haunted attractions open at 6:30 and 7:00. VIP passes are recommended for those who want to skip the lines and schmooze around the VIP fire pit.