Kersey Valley Spookywoods – North Carolina

We have to admire a haunted house that grew out of the terror and fascination of a teenager. This is how our #3 haunt was created. After a fright-filled exploration of an abandoned farm house in Kersey Valley, North Carolina when he was just 15, the founder decided to start a haunted attraction—and Spookywoods was born. After more than 30 years of twisted imagination and bloody inspiration, the haunt has grown to fill nearly 60 acres of horror.

Victims of Spookywoods can choose the path of their own torment or explore all 5 of the deliciously sinister attractions this haunt has to offer. Venture into the Dark Inn, a decidedly different twist on the classic haunted house where they promise to leave the lights off for you. Talk an evening ride on the Terror Trams to get up close and personal with the road trip buddies of your nightmares. If you feel you need a bit of exercise, stay on your own two feet and step into the forest. Fright Lights lets you walk, jog, or flee in terror with only a flashlight to guide your path through the evil-infested woods. While you’re in the mood for a walk, celebrate the 10 foot high corn in the Haunted Harvest. You won’t be able to see where you are going—or who is going along with you. Feel like you need some strength after all this? You are welcome in the Cathedral of the Dead. The 50,000 square feet of walk-through maze will certainly remind you to say your prayers before bed.

The innovative minds behind this haunted house ensure even the most hard core fans are surprised each time they return to the haunt. Every year the attractions have new elements that keep you on your toes and clutching your heart. For the 21 and over crowd, make a visit to the Dark Circus for a Halloween party you’ll never forget.