Scarehouse…Stay Out of the Basement


The Pittsburgh Zoo and the Aquarium are beloved spots for families to visit. Sunny afternoons are spent enjoying the animals, exploring the underwater world, and savoring quality time together. When the sun sets, however, and the parking lot clears, something dark takes over the area. Mothers, hold your babies close as the lure of Scarehouse fills the lot and the creatures fill the night.

Did you ever feel as though the dolls along the shelves were watching you? That they awoke at night with carnivorous thoughts? Step into The Foresaken and watch your childhood fears come alive as blood-soaked dolls and creeping demons stud the dark. If the dolls have not driven you to the brink of insanity, welcome the holidays early in Creepo’s Christmas. This disturbing tale of 3-D holiday torment brings you up close and personal with the demonic replacement of Santa and his twisted elves. Finish your night by braving the living dead in the famed Pittsburgh Zombies maze. The hordes are coming—and they are recruiting. Had enough? If you are truly ready for the fright of your life, descend the creaky stairs of The Basement. This optional haunt goes so far beyond the average haunted house you may never recover. You have always been safe in your personal space in other haunts. Not anymore. You and only one other person enter The Basement at a time, but it won’t be long before you have plenty of company. There are countless monsters hiding in the darkness, so be ready to be touched, grabbed, held against your will, and terrified beyond your comprehension.

Scarehouse is the most unique and intense haunt experience in Pittsburgh, which is why it earned its place wrapping up our Top 10 haunted houses. Here the actors aren’t just a park of your nightmares, they are a tangible reality. Be warned that if you decide to take part in The Basement experience you will have to sign a waiver.