Salt Lake Fear Factory…Your Shift is Up

salt lake fear factory

Be still our horror-loving hearts. This haunt is another of those delightful spots where the true tortured history of the haunt rivals the twisted tales woven by the actors. The Salt Lake Fear Factory is a glimpse of the abhorrent conditions of the early industrial era. The cold floors of the sprawling former cement factory hold the blood, screams, and lingering energy of the workers who lost their lives in the monstrous machinery that crafted the factory’s wares. This haunted house takes its cues from the gruesome loss of life within the factory, but that is only the beginning of what awaits you if you are courageous enough to clock in for a shift.

In the days of the Industrial Revolution, factories were the epitome of advancement and technology. Overwhelming machines filled massive buildings and workers spent grueling days ensuring everything ran smoothly. Unfortunately, this didn’t always happen. Portland Cement Works was a gleaming example of the advancements that had happened in manufacturing in the 1800s. Inside its impressive walls, however, was a workplace rift with danger and fear. This is where workers were slowly crushed to death as they were drawn into the massive gears of the machinery or melted away in the molten metal. The factory was abandoned after years of death and mayhem, but soon it was taken over by the monsters who now call on you to step into the emptied worker stalls. Find your way through the darkened mazes, but be wary of the machinery. There are those who say those gears are still hungry for blood.

The experience of the Salt Lake Fear Factory haunted house begins as soon as you climb out of your vehicle. If you can’t find a spot in the factory lot or want to extend the party, take a ride on the Zombie Bus. As you wait you can listen to a variety of bands and take in the foreboding feeling of death around you. If the haunt itself isn’t enough of an adrenaline rush for you, hop on the Last Ride for a zip line unlike any other. For those with more academic tastes, the haunt also offers paranormal tours of the truly haunted building without the thrill of the actors and sets.