Pirates of Emerson…Terror From the High Seas pirates of emerson We have built up a passion for haunted theme parks. One amazing haunted house is fabulous, but walking into a haunted wonderland is even better. Pirates of Emerson in California has become an infamous haunt due to its unique premise and stunning imagery. The haunt began as a creepy endeavor in a backyard and has developed over the years into a terrifying quest on the high seas. In more recent years the haunt has expanded to a truly impressive haunted theme park, featuring 6 individual experiences. Your exploration includes both indoor and outdoor experiences that test your courage against a range of monsters as well as the most frightening force of all…your own mind. The dark waves of the sea have heaved up their most grisly of hidden secrets…the rotting corpses and angry spirits of a legion of pirates. If you dare step into their lair you should be aware that they are ready to recruit more into their number and they are happy to give you the most gruesome of initiations. Don’t think you are safe when you make it back to dry land, however. Fear Beneath the Pier is waiting on the other end of the plank. Test yourself against the darkest recesses of your own mind in the Mental Maze. Getting sleepy? We recommended Hotel Hell, the quaint little stop on the edge of nowhere. A total of 6 haunted attractions let you fill an evening with screams and seafaring torment. One of the things we love about the Pirates of Emerson is that victims are treated just to the haunted houses. These haunts are accompanied by the CarnEvil, a fright-filled midway offering games, shows, and live entertainment. The intricate sets and committed actors give each haunt its own isolated thrill.