Erected every fall at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in Berea, Ohio just outside of Cleveland is 7 Floors of Hell, an attraction named for a mythical haunted house that existed previously only in urban legend. As a child growing up in Akron, Ohio, Owner Rodney Geffert often heard whispered tales of a haunted house purported to be operating in Cleveland that was so terrifying no one had ever made it all the way through. There was, in fact, no such haunted house, but the story had such an effect on Geffert that when it came time to choose a name for his new attraction in Cleveland, the 7 Floors of Hell seemed a natural choice.Although the name conjures a multi-story building, the seven floors of 7 Floors are actually seven different haunted attractions spread out over 20 acres of the fairgrounds, each one with its own unique theme. Names of these attractions have included Jigsaw’s Revenge, Reapers Revenge, Evilovisions, House of Nightmares, Mausoleum, Blood Barn and Camp Nightmare. Approximately 50% of the attraction is changed every year in order to keep things fresh for the fans that come faithfully each Halloween season to experience new brand thrills and chills. In fact, so much of the landscape changes that Geffert has taken to holding the odd Haunted Auction to sell off some of the old props and equipment rather than have it take up space in storage.Uniformed and plain-clothed off duty police officers provide security at 7 Floors of Hell to ensure that things don’t get too weird, but one strange happening that gleaned an avalanche of media attention was actually pre-planned; the bizarre, offbeat and outrageously macabre wedding of 7 Floors makeup artist Tina Millhoane and Geffert’s right-hand installation man Rob Seifer in 2007. The groom made his entrance in a coffin carried by groomsmen/pallbearers, and the nuptials were performed by the grim reaper. The whole thing started as a lark and ended with an overwhelming blitz of media frenzy that kept the attraction packed for the rest of the season. Since the seven haunted houses are indoors, inclement weather does not shut down the attraction – there are even covered areas for those waiting in line. Food and beverages are available at a number of concession trailers, however alcohol is neither sold nor permitted on the grounds. Ticket prices are exceptionally reasonable at $20 for three attractions, $23 for all seven, and $30 for all seven with a Fast Pass which allows you to skip the line. Attractions can be attended in any order, and it takes about two hours to get through all seven.As for the little ones, the attraction recommends children under 10 be accompanied by an adult, however there is a $4 discount for little ones under 8 years of age. Consistently rated one of the top haunted houses in the area for scare factor and sheer size, 7 Floors of Hell has one heck of a reputation to live up to, but as they continue to grow and embellish, every year they get a little closer.