Nightmare on the Bayou…Where Reality and Fantasy Blur

nightmare on the bayou

When most people think of Texas it is thoughts of dry, arid expanses that dominate their opinions. What we discovered, however, was that there is much more to this enormous state than just the dry heat. Visit the deep parts of the state and you will come upon the bayou, the creepy, Spanish-moss draped swamp that has been known to swallow people within moments of them venturing inside. We imagine many nightmares have begun in the bayou, and we were delighted to discover a haunt that truly lives up to its name.

The bayou is a dark place. The monsters here come in many forms, from the lurking alligators to the cryptic monsters to the twisted humans who prowl the marshlands in search of the unfortunate souls who have wandered in. Nightmare on the Bayou hunkers in the mysterious, seemingly forgotten regions of the Texas bayou within mere feet of one of the oldest cemeteries in the area. These real graves have offered more than just creepy ambiance to the haunt. Step carefully through the 15,000 square feet of tormenting terror because you may just come in contact with one of the several actual ghosts that have claimed the haunted house as their own. These spirits appear at will and dare you to head further into the realm of the monsters manufactured for your macabre enjoyment.

Nightmare on the Bayou touts itself as the only haunted house in the area with real ghosts. This incredibly detailed haunt draws from the purely terrifying surroundings of the bayou and an infestation of actual restless souls to create an experience more than worthy of a spot on our countdown.