Customer reviews are mixed as to just how scary the experience is at Nightmare on the Bayou, with some patrons simply labeling it as “a lot of fun.” Apparently they’re not the only ones interested in having a good time; since it first went into operation 13 years ago ghostly apparitions from the neighboring cemetery have been spotted drifting in to the attraction by customers and employees alike!

Olivewood Cemetery is Houston’s oldest graveyard, opened in 1877 as a cemetery for black Methodists. Its history goes back much further, however, as it had been previously used for slave burials. And as we all know, when something’s really old and there’s dead people involved, there’s sure to be ghosts.

In fact, both Nightmare on the Bayou and the Olivewood Cemetery are listed as Paranormal Hot Spots on, a popular website started by Arizona ghost hunters.

Maybe the ghosts like to sit in on the mind-boggling head-shrinking show, or go through the utterly disorienting 3-D haunted house, just two of the features on the property consisting of 15,000 square feet of evil clowns, scary monsters, animatronics, special effects, relentless fog, and spinning, claustrophobic hallways.

You’ll find Nightmare on the Bayou on Studemont, right next to the Olivewood Cemetery and across the street from Party Boy, where Owner/Operator Bob Wright and his employees spend the off season dreaming up new sets, costumes and scary themes for the haunt, which has continued to evolve since first opening back in 2000.

As to how scary it is, the jury is still out. I mean, what could be more terrifying than real ghosts?

Congratulations to Nightmare on the Bayou…The Victim’s Choice for one of the “Top 31 Haunted Houses in America” at