Nightmare Haunted House…the Doctor is Out, the Mayhem is In

nightmare haunted house

There is something truly stomach-turning about the idea of an abandoned, evil-infested hospital. Hospitals are creepy enough as it is, but when you add a warped doctor and a history of death, the entire place takes on an even more horrifying essence. The Nightmare Haunted House in Kentucky promises a walk through the most horrifying, disturbing hospital that has ever stood.

Mercy Hospital was once the workplace of Dr. Colin Sheppard. He was revered as the best in his field, bringing hope and health to even desperately ill patients. In the 1950s there was no better doctor available. After a few years, however, the horror began. The storms took over the area and a veil of darkness fell over the hospital. During this time Dr. Sheppard’s incredible skills began to fail. Patients died under his hand and he was cast out of the hospital under the scorn and ridicule of his colleagues. The area continued to be tormented by flooding and horrific winds. Power failed and the area seemed cut off from everywhere else.  The hospital warped, walls collapsing in on themselves and the entire building sealing its victims inside. Dr. Sheppard lingered in his isolated cottage, the nightmare that tortured him daily seeping into his very being and contorting him into a twisted, rotted specter of himself. In the hospital, things were worse. Food and water ran out, the medical professionals left became grisly mad scientists, experimenting on the dying and tormenting the survivors. Outside of the surrounding area, everyone thought the hospital had been shut down. Nearly 70 years later, however, the doors have been wrenched open and you are invited for visiting hours.

Victims visiting Nightmare Haunted House also have the chance to visit Terror on Tates Creek. This truly twisted haunt welcomes you to visit the warped carnival of Ivan, a carny whose ambitions of fame got the most of him. Whether you brave just one or both haunted houses, you are sure to leave with a few nightmares.