Nightmare at Beaver Lake…Camp Counselors Wanted

nightmare at beaver lake

There is something wonderful about a haunted house designed to bring the entire family together in their terror. It is even better when this is done for a good cause. Nightmare at Beaver Lake offers plenty of chills and thrills, but with two different shows to make sure everyone can get their fill of Halloween fright whether they are just starting out on their pursuit of terror or have been riding the adrenaline train for decades. We love that this haunt combines the isolating fear of a haunted trail and the torment of a classic haunted house for a progressive night everyone can enjoy.

Every October something strange falls over the peaceful grounds of Beaver Lake. Creatures drift across the ground like fog and bring with them the eeriness that marks the season. As evening comes, families are welcomed to explore the classic-themed horrors that mark the haunted trail and inhabit the haunted house that waits at the end of their creepy stroll through the monster-infested woods. Hold your little ones close, however. When the clock strikes 8 o’clock, the Full Scare begins and the nightmares only grow. When the families have left and all that is left is the true thrill-seekers, the darkest creatures come out of hiding and the quaint lake seems to blacken in the moonlight.

Nightmare at Beaver Lake is unique in several ways. While many haunts have taken up the trend of donating proceeds to a charity of choice, it is much rarer to find one that also offers experiences appropriate for the entire family. We would hesitate to say the youngest members of the family would be happy at this haunt, but the trail and finale haunted house make for ghoulish fun for patrons 9 and up. The haunt is also special in that the haunted trail is actually dotted with a series of smaller haunted houses and mazes. There are far fewer startle scares and gore at this haunt than others. Rather, victims get their fill of fear from the artistry and pure, classic creepiness.