Land of Illusion…The Master Scream Park

land of illusion

There are trends in haunts. Sometimes it seems like once you’ve seen one haunted house, you’ve seen all of them. That can get really tedious if you crave the terror and mind-bending torment of a good haunt. We’ll admit to getting a little nervous when we saw the line-up of attractions at the Land of Illusion Scream Park in Ohio. The park promises 5 haunts, including 4 haunted houses and a haunted trail. The themes, however, sounded eerily similar to other haunts we’ve seen this year. The incredible sets and brilliant actors, however, proved to us that you can’t judge a haunt by its theming.

The laughter of the circus may lure you to the dilapidated big top, but as you work your way through the dizzying 3D maze, the Killer Klowns may just turn your giggles into pleas for mercy. There are no hopes for laughs when you descend into the Temple of Terror. Find your way along the darkened corridors of the Temple where the unleashed ghouls and animated corpses of a long-forgotten curse try to transform you into one of their number. These torments are scarcely a preparation for what awaits you in Dr. Psycho’s Sick Revenge. Here you must face the horror of a man driven mad by the tortured spirits of the criminally insane that were buried on the land where he built his home. A particular virulent spirit, that of young Agatha, possessed him and caused him to kill his pregnant wife, pushing him over the edge to murderous insanity. Step into his home to encounter the disgusting carnage that he left behind when he strung himself from the rafters and left himself for the rats to consume.

Have you ever visited the bayou in the dead of a Louisiana summer? No worries. Land of Illusion brought the darkest, bloodiest shanty out of the bayou and reassembled it right in the scream park. Here you can visit the horrifying Dubois family and learn why they call their old neighborhood Voodoo Bayou. If you have had your fill of haunted houses, let the family give you directions to their friendly neighborhood terror trail. The Middletown Haunted Trail is teeming with creatures, bloodthirsty killers, and the dark unknown. Nothing is between you and the forest floor but your own feet, so pray they don’t let you down before you make it through.

We love that there is a bit of payback available for those who want to add to their night of horror. Climb aboard the army vehicle and brace yourself for a fight to save humanity. The undead are rising from their slumber and the guns on the vehicle are the only hope for the living. Man your battle station and take aim. Getting your nervous energy out has never been so important—or so much fun. The Zombie Sniper Patrol requires a separate admission ticket, but your regular admission into the scream park gives you unlimited admission to the other five attractions all night.