House of Torment…Welcome to Your Nightmares

House of Torment

We love when a haunt gets right to the point. “House of Torment” is a haunted house that lets you know exactly what you are in for…torment. This is not the largest or most complex of the haunts that have earned their place on our countdown, but it packs an incredible amount of blood-chilling, maddening horror into its three attractions. Texas is known for its powerhouse haunts and House of Torment has proven to be one of its best.

Blackthorne Asylum should have been a beacon of hope for the physically and mentally ill. Instead it was shrouded in mystery and the dark rumors of horrific experiments that occurred within its stone walls. The evil Dr. Ectobius performed cruel and twisted experiments on his patients, indulging his obsession with nightmares and their control over humankind. It was when he was dabbling in the occult, preparing to open the portal into the Realm of Torment that the doctor reached his collapse. Join other brave explorers as you sneak in to Blackthorne by a secret entrance to discover the horrors that lurk within. If you get out of the Asylum alive, delve deeper into the mystery by venturing into the crypts of the Ancients in Cursed. Here you will find the most horrifying monsters that have ever crept into your nightmares. Make your way past the Hellion and you may have a chance. All that is left is the Slaughterhouse. Here you are hunted, searched by warped creatures set on turning you into one of the murderous scarecrows that dot the expansive cornfields.

House of Torment fills 20,000 square feet with Hollywood-quality sets and talented, dedicated actors committed to terrorizing you to the brink of your sanity. Keep your wits about you or you may just end up lost to the experiments of the crumbling Asylum or claimed by the monsters that lurk the expansive haunted house.