Hotel of Horror/ Altered Nightmares…Bed and Breakfast of the Damned

hotel of horror

Pennsylvania offers some of the best unexpected haunted houses, and this is certainly among the best. Falling in line with the haunts that hold that special dark place in our hearts—that is, those with truly haunted and bloody history—the Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares haunts offer both professional actors and legitimate creepiness.

The Lake House Hotel has had a storied reputation since it was built in the late 1800s. It was here that the workers of the nearby mines spent their nights washing away their troubles and relaxing after the long day in the arms of one of the “ladies” who lingered there. The whispers say that many miners died there, succumbing to injuries from the mines and other mysterious causes. Some say their bodies were devoid of blood. The hotel has served as many things since, including offices and retail space. Soon it fell into disrepair and now stands empty, save for the whispering spirits and creeping creatures that have claimed its halls. Unfinished business tortures souls. If you are brave enough to face the darkness, you too may find yourself a part of the history of the Lake House.

The tormenting scenes of the Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares are not all this haunt offers. These two haunted houses are complemented by the Museum Macabre. This self-proclaimed “creepy ass” museum is filled with authentic remnants of the gruesome pasts of the medical field, prisons, asylums, and funerals. Tucked lovingly in the front parlor of the hotel, the museum offers a glimpse of antiques, artifacts, and even actual human remains. A visit with these exhibits alone bring chills and grisly nightmares.