Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman – New York

We admit our love for all things related to that ultimate of horror legends, the Headless Horseman. This title alone earns fright points, but it is the terrifying special effects, exceptional quality props, and unbelievably twisted premise that has earned the Headless Horseman haunted house a prime spot on our list of Top Haunted Houses. Located in the storied Haunted Hudson Valley area of New York, Headless Horseman is a sprawling theme park dedicated to the darkest of fascinations.

If you are prepared to brave one of the longest and most tormenting of Halloween haunts available in the country, dare to step onto the Headless Horseman midway. First allow an ancient deck of Tarot cards foretell your doom as you embark on a mile-long hayride dotted with professionally-lit moments of haunting prophecy. If you survive your harrowing journey deep into the park, you will encounter the torturous tales of those who once called the area home. Begin by stepping in to the Lunar Motel. You may have heard of Charlie, the tormented young boy who once called the motel home, and Mr. Manson, the stepfather he loved but slaughtered. Speaking of slaughter, get through the motel and find yourself in Glutton’s Slaughterhouse where the meat looks strangely familiar. Continue through the unique, horrifying attractions, 6 haunted houses, a corn maze, and a slide show in addition to the hayride, to earn your way back to the midway.

Headless Horseman is truly a fright-filled experience that immerses you in the terror. In addition to the haunts, the park features four concession spots and four gift shops. Check here for those who couldn’t cope and fled through the emergency exits in the haunted houses. Be ready, however. You may find your way to escape the Root Cellar or the maddening In the Rabbit Hole Greenhouse, but once on the hayride or past the entrance to the corn, you are on your own—well, not really. There are plenty of…friends…waiting to greet you.