Field of Screams…If You Build It, They Will Die

field of screams

When we used to think of Lancaster, Pennsylvania the first thing that came to mind was rolling fields of corn and quiet, devout communities. This was before we heard of Field of Screams. Rounding out our Top 25, this intense haunt is a victim’s choice for uniqueness and pure saturation of mind-bending horror. Though the premise of the four attractions may sound similar to other haunts, it is the degree of detail and dedication that pushes this haunt to the next level.

The haunted hayride is a time-honored Halloween festivity, and this is one of the first to be born. Step onto one of the custom-made wagons and prepare for a 20-minute ride through a darkened cornfield saturated in blood and macabre wonder. Here you come upon the twisted inhabitants of the farm, maniacal clowns, and indescribable creatures who have crept from toxic waste. When your joyride has ended, step inside the Den of Darkness for a bit of hospitality. This sagging three-story home had many lives as a farm house, a hotel, and a mansion estate. Each incarnation, however, shared a grisly feature. Explore carefully through the dusty, spider web-encrusted hallways or you may discover the source of the gruesome splatters on the walls and the dank smell in the air. Are you ready for escape? Try to run, but choose your path wisely because the Nocturnal Wasteland is just outside. Along this haunted trail you will encounter the darkest and most damaged of those who call Field of Screams home. Far more than a haunted house, this trail puts you on foot in the inky blackness of the woods. As you try to find your way out the members of an exclusive, murderous community of monsters is hunting for you. Has the fear pushed you over the edge of your sanity? Venture over to the Frightmare Asylum. They are dying for you to check in. You can become one of the truly twisted patients who roam the four floors of patient rooms, but be careful. The doctors and nurses have their own disturbing agenda and you may have the next appointment in the autopsy room.

The four haunts at Field of Screams have been counted as victims’ choice haunted houses for several years. These extreme attractions combine sound, smell, and sight for a truly overwhelming, terrifying experience. Even those waiting in line aren’t safe as creatures swarm the grounds hoping to keep their visitors for themselves.