Like a number of East Coast haunted attractions, Field of Screams started out as a haunted hayride. Brothers Gene and Jim Schopf, who still grow fresh produce, pumpkins and Christmas trees on their 33-acre family farm in Mountville, Pennsylvania, first opened the Field of Screams Haunted Hayride in 1993. Although it started on a shoestring budget, it was immensely popular and every year since then they have continued to expand the attraction, adding the Den of Darkness in 1995 and the Frightmare Asylum in 2002.Today the Field of Screams is a burgeoning seasonal scare-fest, open mid-September through the first week in November, and has added a creepy carnival-like entertainment area with live performances, giant movie screens, concession stands, games and more, entrance to which is complimentary with the purchase of a ticket to any of the three attractions.The Haunted Hayride features tractor-pulled wagons that take you through fields of tall corn, a deliciously nightmarish setting in which the withering corn stalks, silvered in the moonlight provide shadowy hiding places for Field of Screams’ cast of truly disturbing characters. From redneck hillbilly moon shiners to electricity wielding mad scientists, the Haunted Hayride has a bountiful collection of elaborate scenes, movie quality special effects and enough sights, sounds and odors to trigger a sensory overload.For the Den of Darkness, Gene and Jim converted a three-story, 160-year-old barn on the property into a haunted 19th century farmhouse turned hotel, in which over 100 patrons purportedly perished in a fire and subsequently linger on the premises in spirit form. As you make your way down dark hallways and narrow passages, your nerves will be tingling as you catch glimpses of strange specters, feel snakes slithering past your ankles and catch a whiff of the distinctive odor of death. Creepy, very creepy.The Frightmare Asylum, Field of Screams’ newest attraction is situated in another vintage barn on the property, this one four stories and reborn as a haunted hospital for the criminally insane, who have clearly taken over the facility and run quite amok. By far visitors rate this the scariest attraction, with elaborate sets, chilling special effects and a cast of hauntingly deranged, bloodthirsty, ghoulish inhabitants that will send you running for the wrought iron gates with your heart pounding in your throat.Fans in the know recommend you arrive early or purchase your tickets in advance to make sure you get in. You can buy tickets to the individual attractions, however a pass for all three is just $27. Come on Sunday to avoid the lines, or purchase a VIP pass for an additional $10 to $15, depending on the night, good for all three attractions, reducing what can be a one to two hour wait to just five minutes.Food available at Field of Screams consists of a wide selection of carnival type munchies, plenty of porta-potties abound, the nights can be chilly so bring a sweater, and it is a farm, so ladies, leave the Ferragamo pumps at home! As for children, Gene and Jim don’t recommend bringing tots under 10 as a general rule, but then again, some 8-year-olds take it all in stride, while their daddies run screaming for the exit!