Fear Overload…A Night at the Abusement Park

Fear Overload

Happy Halloween! Today is the day when we come together to celebrate all things creepy and terrifying. Wrapping up our list is a haunt that offers a unique premise, horrifying effects, and enough torment to give you nightmares until the haunting season returns next year.

Words like “high shock” and “extreme” always draw us in when it comes to describing a haunt. Fear Overload promises to be California promises to be the most horrifying experience you can have in the state, offering two unique haunted houses in one terrifying scream park. In a year when many of the haunts seem to have fallen into the same theme patterns, Fear Overload set itself apart with two brand new experiences. Venture into the unseen darkness of California to find your way through the twisting, blood-curdling labyrinths of the Abusement Park and Ward 9.

A day in a theme park should create beautiful memories. These memories were shattered for the Baker family when their young daughter Sally was discovered hanged in the bathroom of the Baylor Amusement Park. Her death marked a curse that befell the park. Days passed, each bringing another employee found dangling. Brace yourself for the least happy place on earth and pray you get through the labyrinth before the rope finds its way to you. If you can get out of the Abusement Park, you will find yourself creeping past the government barriers of Ward 9. This asylum was set aside for only the most heinous and twisted of the criminally insane. These psychopaths were cast into the darkness of Ward 9 and left the wallow. In 1989 a violent earthquake hit San Leandro. The electricity short circuited and the rows of cells were suddenly unlocked. Criminals who had been in isolation for years spewed out and infected the building. Right before the security cameras cut off they caught footage of a woman, her face concealed by her long black hair, hacking one of the doctors to pieces. Explore the halls of the lost asylum…but don’t let her look you in the face.

This victims’ choice for scariest haunt in California elevates the art of the haunted house through truly innovative thinking and a stand-alone approach. Both haunted houses have hints of the classic and trendy in their theming but separate themselves by pushing the boundaries of both creativity and terror. Exceptional sets, dedicated actors, and consistent scares make this one of the best haunts out there.