Erebus Haunted House – Michigan

Erebus: the darkness beneath the Earth that the dead must pass through to reach Hell. One visit to the Erebus haunted house in Pontiac, Michigan will give you a good idea of what that’s like.
The house’s premise is that in 1965 , a one Dr. Colbert built an actual working time machine. This machine could open portals between different time periods. There was just one problem, every time someone tried to travel, wherever in time they went, that place thought they were a virus and attacked them.
Soon the authorities caught onto Dr. Colbert’s house of horrors and the Doctor had to react quickly. He knew if he had more time he could fix the time machine. In order to continue his experiments, Dr. Colbert disguised his time machine as a haunted house attraction. Dr. Colbert is still alive and well inside the core of Erebus, and all who visit become his next victims.
Be prepared for 4 stories of sheer terror as you explore Erebus created by Jim and Ed Terebus, no strangers to creating Halloween horror. Erebus opens Friday, September 13th and is located at 18 S. Perry Street, Pontiac, Michigan. Will you make it out of Erebus alive?