Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie – Not for the Faint of Heart

In the deep dark woods of Ohio, on a small farm on the outskirts of Pataskala, is a family-run business called Fran Bar Park, a wholesome, outdoorsy venue featuring camping, fishing, swimming, a petting zoo and even a paintball attraction. Come late September each year, however, a ghoulish transformation takes place, and it becomes a horrific, graphic, macabre, in-your-face, rude, crude and totally terrifying haunted attraction known as Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie. This haunt made the list on Haunted House Ratings “Top 31 Haunted Houses in America”.

Originating as a haunted hayride on a family farm back in 1954, the attraction first went commercial in the late 80’s after owner Tim May took over his late grandfather’s farm and turned it into Fran Bar Park. From the hayride it transformed into a walk through haunted trail, then the gruesome Haunted Hoochie, eventually moving into an old barn. The rest is history.

In 2009 Dead Acres added the immensely popular Bad Trip in 3D, which takes you through a 70’s era circus-like psychedelic journey wearing 3-D glasses and dodging evil acrobatic clowns leaping at you from the rafters along with a mind-blowing array of eye-popping special effects.

To make the most of your Dead Acres experience, visit on a weekday for the shortest lines, although waiting in line can be fun when you have blood-soaked dead-heads accosting you, local radio station DJ’s broadcasting and creepy, 70’s era horror flicks showing on a big screen to tease you while wait.

Visitors are sent through the attraction in groups of 6-10, so bring a half dozen of your best, horror-loving friends for the ultimate in a group experience. Don’t freak out if a freak or two accosts you as you exit your car in the parking lot – that’s all part of the show. But definitely, do not come to Dead Acres if you are easily offended, frightened or unable to withstand a good scare. There’s a reason it’s been called (and rightfully so) the world’s most extreme haunted house. This is not your father’s haunted house – and it’s definitely not for kids!

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