The Darkness & Creepyworld – Missouri

In The Darkness someone is watching you –from everywhere. Someone will always be close by, and it won’t be the other guests. Consistently rated one of the best Haunted House attractions in America, The Darkness in St. Louis, Missouri will not disappoint even the fussiest of Halloween specialists!
As you stand before the Raven Mansion, your pulse will quicken, you palms will begin to sweat, and your heart will beat a little faster as you gaze upon the 25 foot tall entrance. As you walk inside be prepared to scream! This is one of the most finely detailed haunted houses on the planet all designed with you in mind.
If you survive the haunted mansion, new terrors await you in the Dominion of the Vampire, and then the Tombstone Hayride.
For more hair-raising fun head over to Creepyworld, designed by the same people who designed the Darkness, Halloween Productions, Inc. Not one to rest on their laurels, with the success of Darkness and Creepyworld, they have added four new attractions which brings the total attractions at Creepyworld to ten,. All of which are guaranteed to keep you up at night.
Starting Friday, September 13th, you can enjoy The Dark Zone where bodies, heads, and other assorted body parts will hang in your way as you desperately try to find your way out.
The Tool Shed which is a maze where a serial killer dwells. He just loves tormenting the living when darkness falls.
Carnivorous- This is an awesome 3d blacklight attraction where the floors, walls, and everything else if floating. There’s even a spinning tunnel as you fight your way to freedom.
Evil Dread – Visit the nice cabin in the woods filled with demons, flying ravens, and giant hillbillies.