Cutting Edge Haunted House – Texas

Cutting Edge Haunted House is the Victim’s Choice for America’s Best Haunted House! This #1 haunted house uses movie quality sets and award-winning makeup effects for a truly harrowing experience.

In the aging town of Fort Worth, Texas, there is an area known as “Hell’s Half Acre”.  Here, hunkering among the mysteries and lingering memories of the past is an aging meat processing plant still filled with the creaking equipment of the Old West. Now, however, the floors are soaked not with the blood of cattle brought up from the killing grounds near the river, but human beings sacrificed to the two floors of brutal blades, hooks, and conveyors. Amongst these tools creep angry ghouls, haunting effects, and sleep-stealing monsters ready to taunt guests through their terrifying explorations of the historic plant.

The fear steeped into the atmosphere around the Cutting Edge Haunted House does not come just from the unrestrained live actors. Disturbing tales of murder, torment, and earthly temptations surround Hell’s Half Acre in a veil of darkness unlikely to lift. One blood chilling legend tells of a young woman slaughtered and nailed to a door. Many say she still roams the halls, chained and bloodied, searching for her love—who may also be the man who stole her life.

The incredible special effects, unique storytelling, and immersive experience have earned this hour-long haunt a variety of accolades including Best Haunted House in America. Be sure to arrive a bit early to let the Undead Marching Band get you pumped up for your #1 Haunt experience.