Beneath several cities across the world wind mysterious tunnels called catacombs. These tunnels are crafted to contain revered bones and are often popular tourist destinations. In the Ukraine, a city known as Odessa boasts their own tunnels, complex networks resulting from years of mining the stone beneath the city. These tunnels are confusing, often wandering deep into the pitch darkness where no one knows the twists and turns that await them, and have never been fully mapped.

Known as the Odessa Catacombs, these tunnels were not created to inter bodies, but that has not stopped them from claiming their own bones. Tours of the abandoned mines are not approved by the city, but every year extreme tourists enter the darkness and begin to roam the coiling corridors. Every so often, one of them goes missing. The bodies discovered in the catacombs are often mummified, preserved by the dry, merciless air of the tunnels that claimed them. Those that fall victim to the tunnels may lie for years before being found, and the remains of soldiers, smugglers, and those hiding from the Nazis are still found, huddled in their final resting place, waiting for the next curve of the tunnels to be discovered.