Atrox Factory…Enter the Cage

Atrox Factory

With a name like Atrox Factory we had high hopes for this haunted house. After all, the name of the haunt itself means “horror factory”. As a 50,000 square foot haunt, it is also a tremendous amount of space to fill—which means that much more opportunity for terror and twisted creativity. This Alabama horror landmark is the offspring of the “Slain House” haunt from a few years back. Transforming the massive space into Atrox Factory was a major feat, especially considering how small the original haunt was, but they more than stepped up to the challenge.

When you first enter Atrox you are ushered into the Arena. This area features a gift shop, concession areas, horror movies, and even meet and greets with big names in the horror industry. Don’t forget to go up to the token booth to buy your dismembered body part that will claim your spot in line. This means you aren’t standing around in the line waiting. When it is your turn, you are called upon to “enter the cage”. If you are brave enough, enter the chain link cage that holds you before your turn in the haunt. You and 99 other victims file into the queue at a time. Don’t feel comfort in numbers, however. As soon as you step inside the haunt you are swallowed by the size and at the mercy of the creatures and monsters that wait inside.

Find your strength and enter the study where the horrors that await you will be revealed—but not so much that you are truly prepared for the torment. When the secret door opens, you are thrown inside a world of nightmares that begin with the catacombs and do not end until you have finally escaped. You leave behind walls dripping with blood, the maniacal laughter of hidden clowns, and a maze where the walls move and you are never completely sure where you are. Classic scenes of horror and real paranormal activity, claustrophobia tunnels, and the mind-warping tricks will remain in your mind long after you try to close your eyes to sleep.

This massive haunted house is something you must experience to truly comprehend. The monsters and physical challenges of the haunt combined with the Hollywood-quality sets create an unforgettable experience. Many people may worry that the tremendous size and complexity of the haunt could mean confusion and chaos. The incredible organization and structure of the haunt, however, make it a smooth and brilliantly terrifying experience.