7 Floors of Hell…Descend into the Darkness

7 floors of hell

Many years ago there was a rumor that circled in Ohio. The stories told of a haunted house so incredibly frightening, so intensely maddening that no one had ever been able to get all the way through it. The legendary haunt was called “7 Floors of Hell” and each year the whispers increased and the mysterious haunted house became more and more horrifying. It seemed the haunt was just too extreme to be real. The truth was, it wasn’t. There was no such house. That is, until the 1990s when a man with a macabre dream made the haunt into reality.

7 Floors of Hell may not be too terrifying to get through, but victims need strong minds to push them through all 7 torment-filled haunts at this twisted theme park. No visitor is truly prepared for the horrors he will encounter when he steps through the gates onto Monster Midway. Creatures lurk in every corner and custom-created animations blur the line between life, death, and technology. Don’t get too close to the monsters or stop for a picture with that incredible set. It may just try to make you a part of the show. There are 7 haunted houses in the park. More than half of the event is changed each year, making it impossible to know what you are walking into even if you have seen it many times before. In 2013 the Blood Barn, Body Snatchers, Clown House, Killer Theater, House of Nightmares, and Mental Ward are joined by two more maddening events. Climb aboard a coffin and get trapped inside for the ride of your life as you feel what it is like to be buried alive. If you are brave enough, take up arms and join the fight against the Zombie Apocalypse.

Over the years 7 Floors of Hell has become a legend even beyond the myths of Ohio residents. With over 100 live actors and intricately-designed movie quality sets, this haunted theme park fills the air with screams night after night.