witches woods

Will you enter the woods on the haunted hayride with zombies, ghosts, and something that can’t be named? Will you face what is to come in the two haunted houses with courage, hide your face in fear, or scream until you’re hoarse? Those are your only choices when you enter the Witch’s Woods in Massachusetts.
Admission to the woods include the Haunted Hayride, the Nightmare Mansion that has terrifying scares around every corner and Castle Morbid which is a dark dungeon and may totally change your mind about what a haunted house really is. You will also be treated to the 3D Creepers Crypt. Just like any other crypt, you can get in, the question is can you get out alive?

In addition you can visit the Jack O’ Lantern Jamboree and view professionally carved pumpkins and the Haunted Chamber of Chills where you can view scenes from old horror movies. But be careful, some of the creatures in the movies may come to life while you’re watching.
Have fun and make sure you have nerves of steel before entering the Witch’s Woods.