haunted overload

As you drive down the dark lonely road toward Overload’s location at Coppal House Farm you know you’re not in for just a haunted house experience but you’re in for something special. You will be welcomed by a friendly staff and then, after purchasing your tickets, led to a massive cornfield where you could find the headless horseman, if you’re lucky.
As you worm your way through the cornfield you will become acquainted with unnatural sounds and sights, as well as many interesting creatures. The maze will then thrust you into Pumpkin Alley, a long straightaway filled with all kinds of glorious sights, such as hay bales, torches, and evil tree sentinels. The amazing carved pumpkins are filled with real candles that cast eerie shadows as you walk. Then it’s off to the dark world of Overload.
Glowing skeletons, vile creatures, and tortured souls are just some of the wonderful sights that will make your senses dance. The tunnels and mazes are filled with madmen, the undead, and a creature that will chase you with a chainsaw! Have fun, stay safe, and happy hauntings.