13th Floor Haunted House…Don’t Look Down

13th Floor

The number 13 appears again. This time, however, the haunted house promises an exploration of the mythical 13th floor. Most buildings, as the creators of the haunt will tell you, do not have a 13th floor. Rather, there is a 12th and then immediately a 14th. Is this merely superstition or is there really something to fear on a floor named for the number of misfortune? Visit Denver’s 13th Floor Haunted House to find out for yourself.

Begin your quest for torment in the waiting area where you may feel secure, but don’t let the calm environment fool you. The monsters have escaped and are stalking in every corner. Search for escape by stepping inside a devastated farm house to find the remnants of a zombie invasion. Explore what has been left, but be careful not to expose the battered survivors still hiding in the abandoned home. Stay quiet and walk quickly—the horde is still coming. Once through the house there are three out buildings to survive. The chicken coop, shed, and barn await, filled with the undead and the brave survivors fighting to assert the dominance of the living and reclaim their land. If you emerge from the battle with your brain still inside your skull, head to the queue area for your ascent to the 13th floor. Don’t take your trip lightly. Find a strong grip and hold on…your trip to the 13th floor and back won’t be a smooth one.

13th Floor takes an innovative approach to haunts with an immersive haunted house and a thrilling sensory experience that reminds you exactly why there is no 13th floor in most buildings. For added fun, the haunt gives every 113th victim that survives both experiences his money back.