Netherworld Haunted House – Georgia

The heart of Georgia pounds with a fear that can only come from the darkness of the Abyss. We invite you to steel your courage and step into the Netherworld. Featuring two truly unique haunted houses, this maddening park tortured its way onto our list and has been tormenting our dreams ever since. The only multi-floor haunted house in the Atlanta area, Netherworld features stunning visual effects, extraordinary live actors, and stories that will follow you home and into your nightmares.

Netherworld offers two haunts, which take about an hour to get through combined—unless you are forced to take one of the emergency exits in an effort to reclaim your sanity. The haunted house changes every year, so don’t think that just because someone tells you he knows what to expect that you are safe. Masochistic victims who have returned to the haunt year after year may notice the twisted tales that play out in the attractions are all intertwined with the same incredibly detailed stories imagined by the creators of this house. In 2013 return to your childhood terror place when you come face to face with the Boogeyman who truly does lurk in your basement, in your closet, and behind your eyelids. Survive the haunting lullaby and venture into the place where the Dead Ones roam. It is said the Abyss does not like a world that taunts its existence. The Dead Ones have come to remind us of what walks beneath.

This awe-inspiring haunt earned the #6 spot on our list with its phenomenal detail and intriguing effects. Victims are lured into the haunt the moment their car door opens, so don’t feel safe stepping into the parking lot. The monsters that creep there are very happy to see you.