The Beast & Edge of Hell – Missouri

When a haunted house promises to bring us to the edge of hell, you can consider us more than intrigued.  Beginning in 1975, Edge of Hell is Kansas City, Missouri’s oldest and most feared haunt. One of our Top Ten haunted houses, this haunt does not find its terror factor in blood and gore—though you should not expect not to encounter some of this as well. Instead, this haunted house delves to your core and plucks at the very essence of what torments your dreams. It reaches deep into you and tortures you by forcing you to face your fears.

Step into The Beast, the largest single haunted house in the nation. This unique haunt does not herd you through in a line that may spoil the scares by letting you see them coming ahead. Instead, when you step into the attraction, you move into a huge space. This open format design is meant to let you roam as you will—and encounter the terror in unexpected, sudden ways. You literally become a part of the terror as you work your way through the scenes, finding yourself deep in the fog and darkness of Werewolf Forest. Encounter the fear of being stranded alone in the dark as you try to find your way to the exit. Don’t worry too much if you can’t find your way out. It won’t be long before the werewolves are sent in to find you. You may be relieved when you discover the exit, until the floor disappears beneath you, sending you spiraling down five stories in complete darkness.

Think you are safe after The Beast? Not so fast. You must still explore the poisoned mind of Edgar Allan Poe to feel yourself buried alive and step into scenes of horror at the Macabre Cinema. Be sure to give a friendly greeting to Medusa, the haunt’s resident python—the largest in captivity in the world. If the incredible actors and mind-blowing sets of these haunted houses are not enough for you, sign up for the Ghosts and Gangsters Tour. A unique element of Edge of Hell, this tour explores authentically haunted spots, including a hotel so beautiful Betsy Ward decided her death in room 505 was not her queue to check out.