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Terror Trail

Golden Ghost Award - Rating of 8   
Golden Ghost Award: 8 out of 10 Ghosts!
401 Anthony Rd
Canutillo, TX  79835

Haunt Details:
Terror Trail and the Zombie Adventure:

You're walking through the darkened ruins and structures as you meander towards the haunted house, hoping that nothing is following or poised to attack you. In the distance you can hear the screams of the poor souls that are trapped inside...why are you still walking towards those horrific sounds, are you compelled to enter? Long before many of you were born this area was the last stop for many of the prisoners of war of WWII. Their spirits have remained in the area over the years, being seen in the early morning hours coming back from the river.

You hear the constant sound of something getting shot, and the low pitiful moans from the dead and dying zombies. The hunters are excited as they are getting to shoot the scourge of zombies before they can attack your group. Take part in the Zombie Adventure with Task Force Z.E.R.O. the Zombie Eradication and Research Organization, as this year you are on the ground armed with the most effective zombie killing weapons known. After the zombie epidemic in July our research zombie holding area was overrun and condemned we have mounted our stand in the old barracks ares to try and ward off the increasing horde of zombies. However with the recent rains we have seen an increase in the number of zombie collection calls and we need to reduce our zombie population as they have been feeding on some of the escaped inmates and need to be put down. Our research has confirmed what had been internet rumors… that zombies must be shot in the head to terminate them. We have collected more than we can dispose of in a timely manner and are looking to you to help eradicate them.

Only at the Terror Trail and NEW Zombie Adventure.



Web Site:

Dates open:
2019 Season: Open October 4, 5, 6,11,12,13, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, 31, Nov. 1, 2

Hours open:
Friday and Saturdays 730pm to 1145 pm Sundays and Halloween 730pm-945. Subject to selling out earlier.

From $15
Combo Terror Trail and Zombie Adventure $25.00