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The Final Resting Place

Golden Ghost Award - Rating of 10   
Golden Ghost Award: 10 out of 10 Ghosts!
988 Polk Road
Sabina, OH  45169

Haunt Details:
The Final Resting Place” was the name of a unique junkyard in the 1950’s. What was unique about it you may ask? Well, some people love their cars a little too much; to the point of what most of us would consider obsession. The Final Resting Place was a junkyard for just such people, offering a combination junkyard and cemetery where you could be buried beneath your car so that you could keep it with you forever. After death, people were often brought to the junkyard in their cars so they didn’t have to be apart from them for even a moment. The business was doing very well for several years, in fact, it was doing too well. The junkyard was running out of room; they had become greedy and lazy over time. Instead of buying more land, they decided to begin simply burning the bodies instead of burying them. However, this wasn’t enough as the cars were taking up most of the room so they began stacking the cars on top of each other. Of course, this was never revealed to the public or they would have been out of business. Unfortunately, the public wasn’t the ones they needed to worry about. You see, even in death the people buried here still loved their cars and were angry with how their cars (and their bodies) were being treated. In the beginning there were small signs that were easy to ignore; strange sounds at night, the occasional light coming from the junkyard, things that were easy to dismiss as mundane occurrences or tricks of the mind. Eventually, as the strange occurrences continued, there was no longer denying the existence of paranormal presence. Ghostly figures began appearing, some human and others more demonic than the imagination can handle. Disembodied voices began screaming in a mix of anger and pain, cursing at anyone who entered. Despite not being religious, the owners knew something had to be done and a priest was called in to settle the restless spirits. Shortly after the priest and the owners entered the grounds, a blood curdling scream was the last anyone heard from them. During the police investigation, the only remaining evidence of the three men was the charred remains of the priest’s bible and a partially melted wedding band. Drag marks found in the nearby the dirt, were as if someone had been holding on to the earth in an attempt to avoid being dragged under. The marks ended at the edge of a nearby car. Upon removal of the car, a blackened scorched hole in the earth was all that remained. The junkyard was closed and abandoned, but that was just the beginning…….




Web Site:

Dates open:
2018 Season:
Open every Friday and Saturday
September 28th - October 27th

Hours open:
8:00 P.M. - Midnight

$10 per person: “HAUNTED JUNKYARD”
$5 per person: “LIGHTS OUT”

Age range:
14 or older

I71 Exit 58 Jamestown/Sabina exit. look for signs